Wednesday, June 27, 2012

putting a ring on it

I certainly want lilies for my wedding. Random thought. Ive been lacking ideas/motivation to write anythng here. Was thinking to merge the old blog with this one, but as usual, there's always tomorrow. That's how we, procrastinaters roll. Heh.

Ok, filling up the timeline, Im engaged. Typical questions, ecstatic? happy? excited? As usual, I keep what I feel to myself. Haha. The big day has not yet been decided. I was thinking after raya. I need to cherish this last raya as a single lady with the family, thank you. Sebenarnya nervous utk being someone new in a family.heheh.

The wedding preparation has been ignited already, in my head.But still, there are other things that need to be finished first.Aannnddd, Im back to writer's block.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Tak siap tak boleh kawen

Its been months. Homaigawd. Been busy. Been stressing out me self. Been serabut all this time. I really feel like too I have to much thing to juggle. Perlu habis Masters by end of this year. Kalau tak how nak kawen? ops.

Menulis thesis bukan sekelip mata. Eh, silap, untuk mendapatkan mood bagi menulis thesis bukannya sekelip mata. Untuk memulakan taipan ayat pertama dalam thesis bukanlah sekelip mata. Untuk menyiapkan seluruh thesis bukanlah sekelip mata. Hatta dengan 3 kelip mata pun, memang sah tak dapat siapkan.

Ye, mak. Nak buat keje la ni.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hikmahnya Suratan

Mengapa perlu bertemu kalau untuk berpisah
Mengapa perlu rindu kalau bukan untuk bersama
Mengapa perlu menangis kalau cinta bukan milik kita.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

que serra

Well, so much of frequent update for this new blog lah kan.Meh.

So, quick updates, have I told you that I moved into new house. Nearer hence more lab hours (takes me less than 10 min to get there). Less petrol usage. Sounds like makin rajin dan makin saving duit kan. SALAH. Sama saja =.='

Duit tak cukup jugak. Kerajinan masih di takuk lama. Haih.

Mcm mane nak kawin nih? Eh? Ckp pasal kawin plak ke kau.

Ok, so I still have tonnes of labwork to be done be I can start writing. I want to finish on time. Really. Namun, cara tak menghalalkan matlamat. To those who doesnt know about my research yet, I need to isolate few compounds from selected plant extracts. I wish it is as flow as it sounds >_< To get pure compounds is not easy. Everytime Ive got something, it always a mixture of 2/3 other compounds. Haih la labu. I need to get it done by September. Harus!


Im surviving. I am starting to let go and moving on. I guess it's true when they say things happen for a reason. I can see 'hikmah' behind all of the things that happened. Or so I assume. Just be positive. Look on the bright side. I am happier I think. New hopes. New faith. I pray that this is the best for me.

" Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one.  So that when we finally meet the right person, we will know how to be grateful for that gift "

food for fuel

Ramadhan is getting closer. Means raya is coming to. That will only lead to one thing for me : GOOD FOOD. haha. Im eating more than ever lately. Seriously. I cant stop stuffing something into my mouth. So, my weighing scale, I'll see you once raya is over. Deal? Or maybe I wont go weigh myself ever. So much of feeling good about yourself. Hah.

Wait, Harry Potter is in town. The movie I mean. Gonna watch it this weekend maybe. I might give you review after that if you're lucky.

Now, I suddenly crave for red velvet.Hmmmph. Ouh, and B is being gedik bermanja-manja kat tepi ni.

NOTE: B adalah seekor kucing.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Maybe I should know when to stop
Maybe I should be grateful and not greedy
Maybe it has already been enough

Maybe I need a sign

Of sirih junjung and nasi minyak

This year, Im gonna be 25. Any single Malay girl out there with the same age of mine will surely has been bombarded with this one and only cepumas question. Bila nak kawen? Heh. Being the eldest of 8 in the family with my younger brother is getting married soon, doesn't make my situation any better.

Being married at 22, my mum has been worried sick that I'm still single and showing no sign of getting married anytime soon. While she should be focusing on my younger brother's wedding, she is quite persistent in talking me into marriage BEFORE my brother. Yes, that will give me about 6 months (or so) to find a candidate and get married. Dude. Scary, really.

Marriage. Not as simple as saying I do (means the 'akad') and you'll live happily ever after. That is just the beginning. And how do you know if you have found the right person to spend your lifetime with. The person who will stick with you no matter what, will accept everything about you even your worst. The person who knows everything about you, knows how to touch my heart. The person who has the chemistry, who speak the same frequency. And the list goes on. I know, nobody's perfect. And you'll never get all the criteria you wish. Well, I guess we'll never know. Jodoh dah tertulis.

It's not that I don't want to get married. Ok, Im the eldest. I have responsibility towards the family. Yet, Im still a student and I don't have extra income to support the family. Yes, I know my parents are still working and they are doing just fine. But, I still want to merasa bagi duit kat mak ayah after kerja, splurge the money on them. Or at least fund my younger siblings for their college/university. You may say that after marriage, I can still do that. Yes, but my responsibility is towards my husband solely. I will have to get his permission to even give a dime to my parents.

Plus, any girl will have their own dream wedding right? Ok, mine is not that luxurious/fantasy/fairy tale-i-will-have-to-spend-over-50k-wedding. The simpler the better. But, of course there are bits of thing that you want according to your taste. Kau nak itu ini, pastu nak guna duit mak ayah, mesti tak best kannnnn. That is why laaa Im not gonna get married anytime soon kot (tapi kalau dah jodoh tak leh la nak tolak kan).

At least, let me finish my master, get a job for at least a year or so. Kumpul duit sikit, baru best. Nak cari calon suami bukan senang dik. Bukan nak demand or anything. But, I know myself. I know what kind of person I go along with. Hanya pada Allah lah kita berharap agar dikurniakan jodoh yang baik buat kita.

Usah dambakan suami semulia Rasullah 
Jika diri tak sehebat Khadijah

Jangan berharap suami sehebat Sulaiman
Andai diri tak secantik Balqis

Usah mengharap suami setampan Yusuf
Jika kasih tak setulus Zulaikha

Tidak perlu mencari suami seteguh Ibrahim
Jika diri tidak sekuat Hajar dan Sarah

Usah bermimpi mendapat lelaki seperti Ali
Jika diri tidak sehebat Fatimah